Basic look at how and why things move.



Pressure is a measure of the amount of force in a given area and is measured in Pascals. Example of standing on one foot. Gas pressure: gases produce a pressure by constant movement and collision with container walls. See Pressure

Power and Work


Calculating gravitational potential energy and kinetic energy. Isaac Newton's Laws of Motion, explanation of the three laws and how they can be applied. Power is the amount of work done in a given time. See Power and Work

Motion and Speed


Difference between speed or velocity? Acceleration is when the speed of an object is increasing. Speed - time graph and how to use. How the stopping distance of a car is calculated. See Motion and Speed

Forces in Practice


The concept of terminal velocity when opposing forces are balanced by example of a parachutist. Elastic and spring extension, comparing a rubber band and spring and the limit of proportionality. See Forces in Practice

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