The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

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Every now and then a headline in a newspaper reads, "British Air Liner Missing" or "Six Planes Lost off the Coast on their way to Miami". For many years the disappearance of ships and planes within the Bermuda Triangle remained one of the world's most puzzling mysteries. Within the past 100 years, ship and plane wrecks along the Bermuda Triangle has been responsible for more than 1000 lives. Past generations termed this mysterious place as'The Devil's Triangle', and blamed the Bermuda Triangle on paranormal activity, however, scientists have more recently discovered a logical and scientific explanation behind the mystic behavior of Bermuda Triangle.

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The Bermuda Triangle is a loosely defined region within 500,000 km square area between Puerto Rico, Miami, and the Island of Bermuda. It is near the Norwegian coast which contains wealthy reserves of natural gas.

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Scientists believe that methane gas has leaked from the huge deposits of natural gasses which are present deep down in the seabed. Due to the extreme weather conditions and leaked methane gas, hexagonal clouds are formed over this area of the North Atlantic Ocean between Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda. Generally, these clouds are distributed randomly and are responsible for creating huge "air bombs", with speeds as high as 170 mph, and 20 to 50 miles wide. These blasts of air come down from the bottom of hexagonal clouds and often create huge waves, as high as 45 feet, after hitting the ocean. A massive force similar to this has the capacity to destroy trees, ships, and even bring down flying airplanes as they are crossing over. This force occurs much like a nuclear reaction, in an avalanche manner and produces massive amounts of gas.

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Facts about The Bermuda Triangle

  1. 1
    The first person who reported the existence of The Bermuda Triangle was Christopher Columbus
    Columbus wrote in his journals that while sailing near The Bermuda Triangle, his ship's compass suddenly stopped working and a fireball flew through the sky.
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    There are few places on earth where the compass, instead of pointing towards Magnetic North, points towards the true North
    The Bermuda Triangle is one of those few places where a compass points towards true North. It creates confusion for pilots and is the reason so many planes and ships lose course in The Bermuda Triangle.
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    Every time a ship or a plane vanishes in The Bermuda Triangle, there are usually no signs of their debris or anything related to the accident
    The reason behind this anomaly is the Gulf Stream that runs swiftly through The Bermuda Triangle. The turbulent water of the stream, with the aid of mostly unpredictable weather of the Atlantic, creates thunderstorms and can quickly erase any evidence of a tragedy.
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    One of the biggest and the most popular incidents to occur in The Bermuda Triangle is the disappearance of US Navy bombers in 1945 and also the search planes which were sent out to find the missing planes
    A total of 6 Navy planes and 27 men disappeared.
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    A few scientists believe that when a plane gets caught in the Bermuda triangle, it is transported to a different time period (in the past or in the future).
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    The approximate total area of The Bermuda Triangle is believed to be around 440,000 miles of sea
    A large area like this is more than the combined area of Louisiana, Texas, and Oklahoma.
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    Every year, almost, 4 planes and 20 yachts disappear while crossing Bermuda triangle
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    Boundaries of Bermuda triangle are not clearly defined; their effect extends beyond the triangle as well.
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