What Is Copyright?

Copyright protects people from having their work stolen. It is an unregistered right that happens instantly. In relation to Science Aid it covers all diagrams, graphics, and the text in the particular way it is laid out (typographical arrangement).

Using any materials from this site (apart from those exceptions detailed below) without permission would be a crime. It is possible for ScienceAid to identify those who use information from this site, and these instances will be followed up.


The material on this website will be very useful for schools, and for that reason, teachers may use any of the material (pictures, graphics, text) for use in lessons provided the source is cited. Furthermore, students may also use the materials for school work on the condition they credit

If ScienceAid material is being used by anyone, or if you would like the right to use ScienceAid material, then contact using the link at the bottom of this (and any other) page.

Public Domain

Some of the images on this site do not have copyright on them because its copyright has expired or it is in the public domain. This will have the following logo in the top left hand corner (this image is itself in the public domain). You may use these as much as you like provided you allow it to be in the public domain also.

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If you need to reference the website as a resource in any sort of academic work (school project etc); the information you need is given below.

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