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ScienceAid was created to change the world.

We're here help people everywhere learn how to do new things. Part of that is through promoting the creative adaptation, sharing, and republishing of our how-to videos and articles. In support of that, we've elected to work with with the non-profit Creative Commons organization.

All of our works are available according to the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License terms. In simple English this means that all of our content is free for you to creatively adapt, share, or republish - provided that proper attribution is always given. We'll explain the basics of attribution to our content in more detail below, but there are important legal terms you should make sure you understand in the link above before adapting, sharing, or republishing ScienceAid content.

Attribution Terms for ScienceAid Creative Commons License

  1. Any redistributed or modified content must always be prominently linked back to the ScienceAid source page where the original article is found. This means that any article you are adapting, modifying, or otherwise sharing must include an easily seen link back to the original page where you found the article on our site.
  2. Our content may not be used for commercial purposes without prior written authorization. This includes sites with advertisements or paid apps on them. As we do work to help the world, we are happy to review any requests for republication of content on paid sites. Simply send an email message to, include the full URLs of any articles you are interested in republishing or modifying, where you will be republishing them, and how you will be monetizing the content.
  3. Additions, alterations, modifications, transformations or other types of changes to the original content are permitted under the same license. This means that the resulting work of your adaptation or modification of our original work must also be governed under the same covenants provided for under the Creative Commons License in use by ScienceAid, or a variation that at least has the same minimum terms.

Additional Information on the ScienceAid Attribution License

For additional information on adaptation and sharing of ScienceAid content, please contact.

The fastest way to reach us is through emailing our team on with your questions. We're always happy to hear from other people like us who are interested in helping to change the world, and will be happy to help you in any way we can. Remember that together anything is possible.

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