Plant cells

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Plant Cell

A plant cell has the following structure.

There are three major differences between the plant and animal cells worth noting:

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    The Cell Wall
    Is the outer lining of the plant cell. It is made up of cellulose (dense fibers). The cell wall is thick and forms an extra layer of protection, which maintains the cell's shape and prevents it from bursting when it takes in more water. In addition to these functions, it also acts as a selective filter, which allows the passage of some particles and inhibits others.
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    The Large Vacuole
    The large vacuole stores water. It has many different functions like providing rigidity and support to the cell but it is especially important in osmosis since it stores water in the cell.
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    The Chloroplasts
    Are energy organelles made up of the green pigment due to the presence of chlorophyll. The chloroplasts are where photosynthesis takes place.Their main function is to absorb sunlight and convert it along with CO2 and H2O to food for the cell.
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Palisade Leaf Cell

The top layer of cells in a leaf are called the palisade leaf cells. They are specially adapted to make the most of the light conditions they receive. They have more chloroplasts as compared to other plant cells, and they produce as much glucose as possible. Palisade cells are also more block shaped (like the one on this page is) so that many of them can be packed into the top layer of the leaf.

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To find out more about palisade leaf cells see transpiration

Questions and Answers

Does a plant have a cell membrane and can you send me as photos, please?

It is about cells and what cell goes where. thank you, I need it for a revision test if you can help here some more facts what are cytoplasm for my test

ScienceAid QnA.Yes, all plant cells have a cell membrane that is just beneath the thick cell wall. See the first diagram of the plant cell.

The cytoplasm includes all the material within a living cell except the nucleus. It includes the liquid material (that is gel like), and the different organelles embedded within the gel.

I need help with a project what is best for my grades?

I have got to make a cake of a plant sell but I don't know what colors to use and what shape! I don't know what to use would I get a bad grade if I put the wrong color would it matter or if I put cell membrane instead of chloroplasts or if I spelled something wrong

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