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Communication Systems: Composition, Transmitting and Receiving, Storage on Computer Disks


Energy Efficiency - types of energy, insulation.

Electromagnetism - electric motor, induction, transformers.

Current - definition, alternating, direct.


Pressure - what is it, calculating, in gas.

Power and Work - Isaac Newton's laws of motion.

Motion - speed, velocity, acceleration.


Satellites - moons, artificial, orbits.

Stars - formation, fate, black hole.

The Universe - big bang, future.


Communication Systems - composition, transmitting.

Radio Waves - history, communication, AM and FM.

Sound - sound waves, ultrasonic, imaging, sonar.

Solar System The Solar System: What is it; Big Bang Theory; Future

Our solar system and the eight planets: terrestrial planets and gas giants. The importance of gravitational pull and its relation to the mass of the planet. Asteroid belt. The orbit of comets and their tails.

EM Spectrum
Electromagnetic Spectrum

Light is just part of a continuum of waves called the electromagnetic spectrum. This spectrum includes many types of wave that you will recognize including X-rays and infra-red. Properties and uses of these.

Electricity Generation
Electricity Generation: Nuclear, Fossil Fuel and Wind

The importance of generating electricity and the implications. The difference between renewable and non-renewable sources. Different types of electricity generation: nuclear, coal, oil, wind turbines.

Forces in Practice
Forces in Practice: Terminal Velocity, Spring Extension

The concept of terminal velocity when opposing forces are balanced by example of a parachutist. Elastic and spring extension, comparing a rubber band and spring and the limit of proportionality.


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